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IDIOTIC (The Game)

IDIOTIC (The Game) Cover

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IDIOTIC Free Download. It is a fast-paced single-player FPS where you can switch between alternate dimensions. Wreak chaos and improve your character as you move at break-neck speed.

IDIOTIC was developed and published by Emanuel N.M and None lmao for Windows. It was released on 2 Feb 2023 for the windows platform.

Table Of Contents

TitleIDIOTIC (The Game)
GenresAction, Shooter, First-person
PublishersEmanuel N.M, None lmao
Game Size1.1 GB

Switch between alternate dimensions at will
As you are torn between the fractures of reality, you can switch between The Top and The Alt. The Top has your “normal” reality with flying, deadly robots, and people in suits trying to kill you, but also has rewards and objectives. The Alt is a darker, deadlier version of the top with corrupted zombies and the Neon Stringler trying to kill you, but you can regain health and reposition from The Top there. Use them both to achieve your goals.


Wallrun, double jump and slide around in procedural levels
Every game mode requires the need to use your advanced movement and your dimension-switching abilities. Raid the ever-changing city and cause chaos. But if you’re not fast enough, you’ll find chaos upon you too!

Use either a gun or a melee weapon
Each is fit for a different playstyle, with their own Temporary Boosts you can find across the map. Bonk/shoot your enemies to death!

Buy permanent boosts with the coins you find
In every combat game mode, you can find coins as a reward, either for your speed or ability to survive long enough. Use them to buy permanent boosts and improve your chances of survival.

Game Features

  • Alternate dimensions (only one is called The Alt though)
  • Stupid Weapons
  • Fun movement
  • High pace
  • Low IQ

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GT 820M
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


  • IDIOTIC (The Game) Screenshot
  • IDIOTIC (The Game) Screenshot
  • IDIOTIC (The Game) Screenshot
  • IDIOTIC (The Game) Screenshot
  • IDIOTIC (The Game) Screenshot
  • IDIOTIC (The Game) Screenshot

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How to install IDIOTIC on Windows/PC?

  • Download IDIOTIC for free from the above links.
  • Run the installer as an administrator.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.
  • After the game has finished installing, launch the game from the desktop shortcut.

Troubleshoot IDIOTIC

  • Ensure your PC has DirectX installed, if not, download the web installer from here and install it.
  • Make sure all the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables are installed, if not, download them from here and install them.

If the issue persists even after installing DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables, click here to troubleshoot any other issues regarding IDIOTIC Free Download.